• About Jerry Gibson

    Ensuring children nationwide have access to quality education is of utmost importance. This noble pursuit is only feasible with the dedication of teachers, administrators, and other educators who commit their lives and careers to providing students with the necessary resources and knowledge to flourish. One individual who exemplifies this commitment is Jerry Gibson, an esteemed educator, and administrator with a long and successful tenure in Texas.


    From an early age, Dr. Jerry aspired to embark on a career in education. Growing up in Texas, he witnessed firsthand teachers' profound impact on his peers and the broader community. Following his high school graduation, Jerry enrolled at East Texas Baptist University, from which he obtained his degree in 1993. Subsequently, he pursued higher education and earned a Master's in Education from Lamar University in 2002.


    Continuing to enhance his professional qualifications, Dr. Gibson pursued a doctorate in Educational Leadership at the University of Houston, which he completed in 2015. This academic pursuit gave him the essential knowledge and skills to excel in his current leadership position. Additionally, his time at the University of Houston allowed him to establish invaluable professional and personal connections with fellow educators across Texas and the nation.


    Upon earning his education, Gibson was determined to secure a teaching and coaching role in a prominent Texas school district. Eventually, he accomplished his goal and found a position allowing him to merge his passion for academics and athletics. Throughout the early stages of his career, Dr. Gibson undertook various roles, including teacher, head coach, athletic director, assistant principal, and, ultimately, full-time principal. As his career progressed, he shifted his focus towards school administration, recognizing the potential to enact meaningful change within the community and local education system.


    One of the pivotal milestones in Dr. Gibson's early career transpired in 2011 when he was appointed as the Executive Director of Secondary Education in the Waco Independent School District. In this capacity, he oversaw the operations of nearly a dozen schools, accommodating over 6,500 students—an influential leadership role within one of Texas' larger districts.


    Following his diverse experiences, encompassing positions ranging from teacher to principal, Dr. Gibson was allowed to serve as a superintendent in multiple Texas school districts. Over the next decade, he assumed this role in three distinct districts. He encountered unique challenges in each instance, such as implementing novel educational plans and fostering productive relationships with parents and educators. Throughout this decade-long journey, Dr. Gibson remained steadfast in his commitment to prioritizing the needs of all students, ensuring they had access to the education and resources essential for their success. Coldspring, Oakhurst, and Marshall, TX, are noteworthy among the districts he served as superintendent.


    Subsequently, the Galveston Independent School District in Galveston, TX, was fortunate to secure Dr. Gibson as their superintendent. As the leader of this particular district and educational system, Dr. Gibson consistently prioritizes the students' well-being and their preparedness for college or the workforce. He has implemented a robust educational plan that guarantees graduating students possess the skills necessary for their future endeavors.


    Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Gibson has received numerous accolades and achievements. Among these are his recognition as the ESC 7 Superintendent of the Year in 2020, his status as a finalist for the Varsity Brands Superintendent of the Year, and his affiliation with various local chambers of commerce in the communities he taught and led. Furthermore, he boasts a remarkable track record of elevating academic performance in the schools under his guidance. For instance, within three years, he successfully propelled the Marshall ISD from a near-failing overall grade to a solid B average.


    Despite the demanding responsibilities of running the Galveston ISD, Dr. Jerry Gibson maintains diverse interests and hobbies beyond the district. He cherishes spending quality time with his wife and family, residing on Galveston Island, and eagerly anticipates reunions with his three adult children and six grandchildren. Additionally, he actively participates in community service, supporting regional and national charities while seeking opportunities to impact the Galveston and Houston, TX, areas positively. In his leisure time, when he is not engrossed in work or with his family, Dr. Gibson takes pleasure in attending local sporting events or enjoying a leisurely afternoon on a golf course in Galveston.


    Throughout his career, Mr. Gibson has consistently provided invaluable educational support to students while guiding and mentoring numerous teachers and fellow educators. His passion for education has remained unwavering, and he perpetually seeks avenues to enhance the districts and communities he serves. Beyond the classroom, Dr. Gibson possesses many interests, actively engaging in philanthropy and giving back to the community in diverse ways.