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    Ensuring children nationwide have access to quality education is of utmost importance. This noble pursuit is only feasible with the dedication of teachers, administrators, and other educators who commit their lives and careers to providing students with the necessary resources and knowledge to flourish. One individual who exemplifies this commitment is Jerry Gibson, an esteemed educator and administrator with a long and successful tenure in Texas.


    From an early age, Dr. Jerry aspired to embark on a career in education. Growing up in Texas, he witnessed firsthand teachers' profound impact on his peers and the broader community. Following his high school graduation, Gibson enrolled at East Texas Baptist University, from which he obtained his degree in 1993. Subsequently, he pursued higher education and earned a Master's in Education from Lamar University in 2002.


    Continuing to enhance his professional qualifications, Dr. Gibson pursued a doctorate in Educational Leadership at the University of Houston, which he completed in 2015. This academic pursuit gave him the essential knowledge and skills to excel in his current leadership position. Additionally, his time at the University of Houston allowed him to establish invaluable professional and personal connections with fellow educators across Texas and the nation.